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East Coast Geoservices, LLC (ECG) is full service geotechnical company, specializing in geological and environmental sampling, and groundwater monitoring well installations.  ECG currently has two (2) Power Probe sampling apparatus that have both direct push and auger capabilities.  The 9100 unit, mounted on a Bobcat MT-52, is a small versatile unit that is utilized to collect soil and groundwater samples in restrictive space environments.  This unit can be taken into wooded areas without having to clear a path and inside buildings through 36 inch doorways.  The 9600 unit, situated on a Ford F-550 flatbed truck, is a heavy-duty machine which can go deeper than the 9100 and utilizes larger augers allowing the installation of larger groundwater wells at deeper depths.  The 9600 unit also has an Auto Drop Hammer which is utilized to obtain “blow counts” needed for geotechnical information.

















ECG has two (2) field screening monitors, a Photovac Model 2020 Photo Ionization Detector (PID) and Rae Systems MiniRae 2000 Portable VOC Monitor, a Biosystems MultiVision four gas meter, a Horiba U-22XD Multi-Parameterwater quality monitoring system, a parastaltic pump and two (2) water pumps.  Also available is a Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (GSSI) SIR-3000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) unit which is utilized to locate underground structures and perform subsurface geophysical surveys.  Specifically, the GPR unit is utilized to located subsurface sanitary systems structures (i.e. cesspools, septic tanks, grease traps, etc.), associated piping and underground storage tanks.  The GPR unit can locate most underground utilities; however, ECG is not a private mark-out firm.    A pipe camera with a color monitor and 200 foot long cable, a locating head and/or flushable locating device are utilized to locate subsurface sanitary systems and stormwater leaching pools.


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Current services available:

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· Soil & Groundwater Sampling

· Sanitary Test Borings

· Geotechnical Test Borings

· Groundwater Monitoring Wells

· Soil Gas Vapor Survey Wells

· Geothermal Drilling

· Automated Influent/Effluent Sampling

· Ground Penetrating Radar

· Pipe Camera Services

· Portable Gas & Sampling Meters

· XRF Lead Sampling

· Dewatering Wells

· Remediation Wells

· All forms of Environmental Sampling